Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Realtors or Real Estate Companies

Let me get into your mind while you permit me to ask these questions. When was the last time you appraised and/or try to improve how you market your piece of property?

Have you recently thought of getting new clients consistently or periodically?

How you thought of a better way of making the current clients return for more?

Let’s take a moment to ponder on this.

If the above questions sound ambiguous or if your answers lack clarity, then, it is been a long time you critically appraised your business.

Answering these questions effectively will help you determine the right approach that will get you a consistent influx of new clients in your business.

So, if I ask you, what is the best time to evaluate your business? There’s no better time than NOW.

We at toprealestategist have come up with some of the best marketing strategies for your real estate companies.

All you have to do is implement.

1. Create a Strategic Partnership

Do you know that it is best to work as a team than to work solely? That is why there is a saying “Two good heads are better than one” To achieve effectively, you need to optimize this number one real estate marketing strategy.

You should find partners to work with because teamwork makes the dream work. Whatever the industry, the whole idea is to align yourself with other businesses that can bring in new clients or leads.

You may be asking why you should partner with your players in the industry, since they are your competitors. Being strategic makes you plan the future of your business ahead of your competitors.

Know this, Creating strategic partners or partnerships in and out of your industry, increases your list of potential clients and it also expands your brand.

You get more people knowing about you apart from those on your list and current or previous clients.

You are also featured to a different set of new prospects still within your target audience.

2. Using Your Competitor as a Benchmark for Standing out

Benchmarking simply means a practice of comparing businesses and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies (Mostly companies of the same products or services).

You need to deliberately check out for what is going on in your competitor’s field of operation.

You need to check the quality of works your competitor is putting in their business.

Quality of time invested in the business (This can be the years spent in the business or the things done to grow the business in the last 3-5 years).

The grass is always greener on the other side when you don’t water your own.

Have you thought of the sacrifice they make in getting to where they are today? You can achieve that through benchmarking.

Just ask yourself:

  • What are they doing better than you?
  • How can your real estate company stand out from others?
  • How do you make your clients or prospects aware of your competitive advantage?
3. Optimizing Your Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling point or proposition is the essence of what makes your products or services better than your competitors.

In line with marketing, one of the keys to getting potential customers in your real estate business is by communicating your Unique Selling Point clearly and quickly.

For instance, you are a local real estate company in Lagos, Nigeria. And one of your top competitors in another state emerges with a real estate promo that will only benefit the clients on the short run and will be a bad decision on the long run.

You definitely don’t want to make those mistakes.

You need to find the loopholes in the industry and fill it up with your expertise.

The goal is to improve on what your competition delivers as great service while giving NO room for compromises.

4. Improved Customer Support System

Recently, most brands and individuals have developed a preference for reaching out to companies on social media. Now, you would find a lot of people sending direct messages to companies.

This happens much more now than the traditional methods like the mobile phone.

Sending emails to an address isn’t so popular anymore. People prefer a faster method to cater to their concerns.

The numbers keep increasing as consumers look for simpler and much faster means of getting quality client service from different reliable brands.

Below are the benefits of client experience chat bots:

  • It creates zero customer wait time
  • There is a 24X7 availability
  • Ever-expanding knowledge database
  • Complex inquiries can be quickly submitted and sorted by client experience people.

Also note that you should always be visible on the platforms where your ideal clients are asking questions.

Unknown to them, they are awaiting prompt feedback from you.

5. Engage Yourself in Relevant Social Media Platforms

You may have doubled down on Instagram or Facebook marketing or advertisements, but nothing much is happening.

Every business has a target audience and definitely there are similar platforms they hang out on.

For instance, knowing where they hang out is essential so you speak directly to their needs.

However, try to evaluate these few questions when setting up a system that keeps you visible and relevant in your audience mind:

  • Are your ideal clients on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Is Facebook even the right platform for the posts you are making and the audience you want to reach?
  • What questions are they asking on those platforms?
  • Who is replying to them and how are they providing them with the right support?
  • What can you do differently that will get them to pay more attention to you rather than your competitions?

The easiest answer to the above questions is to be visible on those platforms, Answer questions or solve problems…. In all, PARTICIPATE.

6. Provide Consultation Services by Educating and Teaching

A lot of your customers genuinely want to learn about different factors in the real estate industry. Showing up at every relevant event, on every relevant social media platforms and providing industry practice and guidelines makes you the expert.

There are a lot your real estate company can teach customers about purchasing, reselling and leasing of properties, both online and offline. For instance, they need to know the factors to consider when deciding to buy that dream home and how personal finance or locations affects property choices. Another good ideas could be how to finance and build the ideal future home for your kids and so much more.

Also, you could teach clients or prospects on the essence of buying a land or property for the purpose of reselling or rental income. By helping potential and current clients better understand behavioral patterns in the real estate industry, you will earn their trust and become their trusted advisor.

7. Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Most real estate agents and/or companies feel they can survive without an online presence. In the last 10 years most of them have gotten the shock of their lives as not having social media presence has pushed many out of the business while some had to go as far as educating themselves through extra trainings and seminars. Do you know that having a facebook or instagram page and even a website keeps your office mobile and very accessible; so it is very imperative to get one. Many decisions made by prospects today start with a search on the internet. Why shouldn’t your website be on the results page for certain keywords typed in on Google by your ideal clients?

Your company’s website will rank higher and more often in Google and other search engines which in turn will boost your brand visibility, website traffic, and leads. As prospects and existing customers search online for answers to owning, leasing, or renting properties, your goal is to be the first choice of preference and not a competitor!

Therefore you have to learn how to effectively utilize your search engine optimization strategy.

8. Offer Best Practice Human-to-Human Touch Points

Why are you running a real estate business? It is a known fact that most people or businesses focus a lot on getting new clients. And they at times overlook the marketing activities that are focused on current clients.

Yes, it is important to get new clients. But keep in mind that it is more expensive to get new clients to purchase a product or service than it is to get current clients to make repeated sale and refer quality clients like themselves to your business.

When you are able to do this well, it gives you more mileage in the marketplace and therefore, puts you ahead of your competition.

9. Provide Valuable Content

Does your real estate website or pages have featured educational blog posts, info graphics, relevant Q and As and other rich, useful content? If not, please stop what you are doing and correct this huge error because you’re missing out on another corner piece of marketing opportunity that most realtors or real estate companies do not put in mind.

Contents are one of the most important pillars in digital marketing. Here is a piece of advice– Missing out on any big marketing opportunity is not a good thing. You are not making good use of your marketing ammunition. However, you definitely are opening a pathway for your ideal clients to do business with your competition instead of you. Your content, which could be eBooks, webinars, video and case studies are used to grab the attention of your potential customers thereby keeping current ones constantly engaged.

Content is key.

10. Paid advertising, Measurements, and Tracking

Digital marketing is not marketing if it can’t be measured. Every digital marketing activity should be track able and measurable. Something is not right if your activities cannot be measured. Using paid advertisement to drive traffic and help you selectively communicate your value to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Targeted ads provide highly-qualified traffic to your real estate site immediately. Reaching new prospects and markets, or even existing clients to boost, repeat transactions and encourage referral promotions.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

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