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Importance of digital marketing_Toprealestategist

Do you know that social media is one of the first way changer for up and coming realtors who are seeking ways to get noticed especially online?
There are various mediums in which this is done, right from posting your estate products on your pages (New feeds), posting properties on your stories which lasts for 24 hours, purchasing Facebook Business Ads, sharing photo albums of new listings etc.
We also have various social media platforms that allows realtors and estate business owners to build a brand with them and get noticed in few weeks.
We have over 90% real estate professionals (Both individual and businesses) that are using social media platforms.
This quite a high number of users makes it a bit difficult for the few others who don’t make use of social media marketing.
Your digital marketing strategy can have a much greater impact than traditional marketing strategies if and only if you know the importance of digital marketing.

Toprealestategist has outlined 8 ways or tricks that will help you stand out in the real estate world.

1. Create a User-Friendly Website

Have you tried to open a website only for you to find out that it takes more time than expected?
Have you needed to make a quick decision and you ended up not getting the apt information you need and you even spent more unproductive time?
When you have a lot of photos, videos and links, your website can be a no go area for those that would ordinarily need the information you provide or your services.
This can also send off prospects or visitors on your site and thus leaving you alone in your world or probably frustrated. I’m sure you won’t want that.
However, with a good knowledge of what your clients are looking for and the service of a professional web designer you can own and/or manage a responsive website that is optimized for mobile browsing.
A lot of people make use of their mobile phones for surfing the net and this is enough reason for you to have a mobile-friendly website if you still want to optimize your website.
If your website is not designed to be responsive, your clients will not be able to browse your site comfortably.

Your mobile-friendly website should include the above feature or content in order to give your clients the best experience.

2. Develop an Email Campaign

This is of a high importance in digital marketing as email campaign should be vastly used no matter the industry.
Email nurture campaigns are time-based emails that are sent out to your targeted audience in order to inform them of an offer which might in turn motivate them to take action or take advantage in such an offer.
Nurture campaign is a valuable tool that connects you with new leads even while staying relevant with past clients.
Ideally, a well-rounded campaign will funnel potential clients through predetermined actions based on their buyer profile and previous engagements with you.
Also note that the more relevant your content is to a prospect or client, the more likely they will be interested in opening the email to see what you have to say.

3. Create and Post Valuable Blog Content

A Responsive website should have a blog because blogs can help you as a realtor or real estate business achieve better SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) which is great for ranking at the top once your content is relevant.
A blog is a fantastic way to level-up your SEO, build a positive reputation and online presence, and more importantly it will provide your clients with actionable advice on buying or selling a home or piece of property.
In addition, ensure you regularly/constantly write contents that buyers and sellers can come back to for answers to their most pressing real estate questions.
I usually advise at least 2 good contents per week.
Contents can be in different forms as listed below
A list of all new listings
Content that will guide them throughout the home buying process
Links to relevant moving-related services such as lawyers, surveying, resellers and home inspectors.
Also, you can consider implementing a live chat feature on your website. Your real estate business is extremely people-centric, which means that it’s important to be available when they need to ask questions or would love to book an inspection.

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays a publisher once the advert is clicked.
Interesting right?
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – advertising is an excellent strategy for realtors looking to generate new leads based on ads that they pay for every time the ad gets clicked on.
PPC is a great and important digital marketing option for real estate professionals seeking potential clients who may genuinely be interested in their offers, as they only pay when someone clicks through their ad.
Pay-Per-Click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines.

5. Host Virtual Tours

The importance of virtual tours of a home or several acres of land cannot be emphasised as a great digital marketing tool.
Not only do these tours share useful video contents – which generates revenue faster for marketers than non-video users – it also provide an idea of what a home really has to offer a potential client.
Purchasing a home can be difficult, and as a real estate expert, your job is to make the home buying journey as easy as possible for your clients thus a need for this kind of tour.

Most times it is worth it.

Recently, there has been the use of drone to help save stress and capture a large area of the estate right from several miles or streets down to the site and the land or houses in the estate.

This is to show the landmarks and key places.
Andrew J Carr shared some of the more critical qualities realtors should try to include in successful virtual tours, such as:
Using real footage of the home, as compared to digital illustrations
Ensuring the video of the tour is interactive and responsive across all viewing methods (mobile and desktop)
Making the virtual tour 3D and user-friendly.

6. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The essence of posting on your real estate social media platforms is not just for the fun of posting but the real fun is creating a strategy that works because there are results to behold.
Below are some ideas of useful content to post on your social media channels:

  • New or existing listings
  • Home maintenance tips
  • Relevant blog posts
  • Success stories
  • Case studies
  • Team bios (For real estate brokerage)

The most important rule of thumb for developing a social media strategy for your real estate business is to share varied content. Although sharing listings is an important factor of your digital strategy, you want to make sure that your content is useful for a broad audience, not just leads in the market for a new home.

7. Ensure You Spend Time on SEO

You might be wondering why this sub topic is been discussed again, this is because the importance of digital marketing cannot be over emphasized without a clear knowledge of the SEO.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical technique to drive leads to your website. When done correctly, your website and web pages will show up higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) during relevant searches.
However, Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so it’s critical to focus on your SEO more than one time. Keywords are a basic aspect of SEO that can make a significant difference.
To include keywords in your SEO strategy, make sure that you include high-ranking keywords such as your location and your industry throughout your blog content and website.
There are other vital elements of a strong SEO strategy, which includes:

  • Backlinks
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Social media pages
  • Online directories

Because content is such a valuable asset to a good SEO strategy, make sure that you create a very good content and also update your blog regularly.

8. Host a Webinar

Hosting webinar is another form of consultancy (It might be free or a token can be attached).
Sharing all your expertise as a real estate professional is very important for a successful real estate digital marketer.
Thankfully, techniques such as webinars and online workshops make it easy to reach a large audience and stay relevant in the industry while creating awareness.
GoToWebinar is a webinar hosting tool designed to make creating and hosting webinar events easy, and it is extremely user-friendly from both ends of the operation.
Digital marketing for real estate professionals relies highly on generating inbound leads, so getting your name and expertise out there is vital for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Here is some Digital Marketing Improvements You Can Make Today
Develop buyer profiles: Buyer profiles are the ideal clients that you are trying to target through your content.

From new homeowners to existing agents, take time to map out who your audience is, what they do, their average salary, and other characteristics that might impact their decision-making processes and don’t forget to gear your products and/or services towards them while improving to a better and bigger level.

  • Start posting relevant content: Whether it’s from your blog or another trusted real estate professional in your brokerage, high-value content is what attracts readers and builds your reputation for being a well-informed expert online.
  • Try to update your company blog once a week, and include valuable content for a variety of buyer profiles.
  • Work on improving your SEO: Increasing your rankings on the search engine results pages of sites like Google and Bing isn’t as hard as you may think.
  • Take a couple of minutes weekly to review popular and industry-related keywords on Google Ads and make sure to include them throughout any copy you develop.
  • Invest in digital marketing training: In the modern marketplace, digital marketing skills are becoming ever more important in running a successful business. By choosing to invest in digital marketing training, you can ensure that you have the skill set necessary to stand out from your competition.

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