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As a real estate business or realtor, there is probably a really good reason you are not making sales as you should.
Most times, it is probably not the reason you think it is and the consoling part is that it is not necessarily because you don’t know how to sell.
At some point everyone has sold one or two things successfully. This brings me to this questions and an honest answer will go a long way in helping you adjust.
Have you ever tried to walk in your customers shoes?
Have you ever followed in the footsteps of your prospects or ideal audience and tracked exactly where they started from and where you ideally want them to end be?

Have you ever tried to buy a property from yourself? Have you?

Is it easy to buy from yourself while viewing from a customer point of view? Can you even do it?
About a month ago I was opportune to speak with a group of prospects in a round table meeting, they help small business owners grow their business and now they need our help in giving advice on how they can make great sales in their real estate because it is a new business segment that they are introducing into the business line.
As we got talking I found out that their sales isn’t coming as they envisage while drawing a business plan.
So what was the problem?

• They seem clear about who they serve with their offer and what these offers are.
• They have lots of products ranging from lands and buildings work in progress.
• They are visible on social media platforms still using their goodwill to run the real estate business.
• They had an active and engaged email list.
So what was the problem? Can you guess?
Even with the above it was really hard to buy from them, and not because they didn’t know how to sell but they have messed their website up.
That’s right. They have unknowingly made it really difficult for their customers to click on the ‘buy’ button! And they even confessed that in attempt to buy one of their products, customers got stuck in a loop of page after page on their website that didn’t actually take them anywhere!



They Never Created an Easy Path to Buy

Knowing how to sell your landed property is just one way of making sales. Creating an easy path to buy is something that a business should focus on, unfortunately, most business owners often forget this part completely.
As they spend so much time creating lovely products and services, trawling social media, creating new content, digging for PR and doing all the other things they think are important but forget to remember the fact that these products are not meant for them but for the state or world at large.
And then they got lost in the tech, they set up a sales page, and maybe integrate some payment methods and press ‘publish’ and then sit with our fingers crossed hoping for hundreds of sale coming through.
They over complicate the process by offering too many choices, resulting in analysis paralysis and worst of all, they ‘think’ there’s another issue that explains why people aren’t buying from them.
You need to know that little mistake can mess up your sales markup.
Getting your customer journey right can mean the difference between a massively successful, profitable and abundant business versus a less successful business… And it isn’t so difficult to do.

Map Out Your Customer Journey

To ensure your customers go from seeing you in the online world to actually buying from you, you need to make sure the process is clear, concise and as straight forward as possible.
You literally want to direct them from social media to website then to mailing list which in turn top up to sale.
It should be very straightforward and if it’s not, you may have a problem in getting prospects or turning prospects into clients and making them stay loyal or even refer their friends and family to buy from you.
One important skills and knowledge you should have is knowing how best to map your business and plotting out your customer journey.
This ensures that not only are you designing and creating products and services that are perfect for your business, but also ensuring that they sell; time after time after time. Ensuring that your business grows financially without you working your ass off.
Financial and time freedom is important and possible to achieve.
Getting the sales process right for your customers is just one piece of the jigsaw that creates a scalable, salable and phenomenally profitable business for you and your partners.


Thank you for reading.

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